Why your business may need illuminated signage

illuminated signage sign

If you’re looking to revamp your branding or signage in the Western Cape, it’s a great step to improving your business. Remember, signage plays a huge role in promoting your business, so everything you can do to make your sign stand out and be seen, is a step in the right direction.

You might think illuminated signage is just for taxi hubs or late-night food places, but the truth is, every kind of business can benefit from having illuminated signage. Why? Take a read below.

It makes you logo / brand stand out

Of course, more than anything, having illuminated signage makes your brand and business stand out. Not every shop on the street, or office on the block will have an illuminated sign. It’s a way to make people notice you, get their attention and impress them.

It’s great for winter

For half the year, the nights get darker. During this time, you still want your brand to be seen and you still want to display your business proudly. Without illuminated signage, your sign will just disappear in the dark. Illuminated signage will keep you in people’s thoughts and vision all year round.

24 hour visibility

Similar to the point above, if you choose to go for illuminated signage, your sign is visible 24 hours a day, everyday. Think of how many extra people will be seeing your sign during the evening hours. It’s especially useful for 24 hour shops. Having illuminated shop signage means the store is inviting and can be seen from a distance even at night.

Neon Sign Sheep

It’s more memorable

Illuminated signage is generally more memorable than normal signage, and we think people are more likely to remember your brand name if they see it lit up.

Brand perception will improve

People associate a good quality sign, with a good quality business. When you see a sign that has been thoughtfully put together and designed, you make an assumption (even unconsciously) that the business is a good one, with trustworthy people. Having a sign that is illuminated is a sure way to impress, so it will leave people with a better lasting impression of your brand.