How Your Business Can Make a Good First Impression

Open Neon Sign

The thing about first impressions is that you only get one of them – and in the business world, that can make all the difference between sealing or squandering a sale. Whatever industry you operate in, whether it be retail or roller blading, technology or taxidermy, it’s vital that you can exude an outward persona of professionalism, expertise and friendliness to your potential clientele. With so much at stake and only one opportunity on hand, here are some top tips to make sure you wow your customers straight off the bat.

Sort out your signage

The first thing that a customer sees when approaching your office, store or other place of business is its outward appearance. In addition to ensuring your building’s façade is spick and span, you’ll need to employ an appropriate sign to let the world know where to find you. A professionally created business sign can immediately draw the eye, make your company name stand out from the crowd and stick in the customer’s memory. Don’t hold back when it comes to something so important.

making a good impression with a signage

Aim for the immaculate

As well as the exterior of your premises, you’ll need to make sure that the inside of your business is similarly clean and uncluttered, as a sloppy appearance will prompt visitors to make unconscious judgements about your work ethic, commitment and professionalism. Consider hiring a team of cleaners to come and keep things in order on a regular basis, including washing windows, vacuuming carpets and wiping down surfaces. Cleanliness is a hallmark of a successful enterprise.

Enforce a dress code

It’s no good having a pristine workplace if the staff are careless in their attire. Depending on the sector in which you work, you may need to bring in bespoke uniforms for your employees or just operate a shirt-and-tie policy. Even for more relaxed industries, it’s still important to appear well-presented to reassure the client that you value their business and that their custom is in good hands.

dress code

Advertise abundantly

For many businesses, you might correspond with customers several times over before they visit your actual premises. For others, a brick-and-mortar location isn’t even necessary at all. If that’s the case – or even if it’s not – you’ll want to leverage the power of marketing to get your name out there and create a positive impression of your enterprise. Employ a combination of online and hard-copy advertising (emails, newsletters, billboards etc) to establish your company at the forefront of your industry.

Ensure brand consistency

Never underestimate the importance of brand consistency in business. Across all of your channels (from the sign on your front door to the design of your employees’ uniforms to the header in your emails and promotional material), make sure your company logo and typeface appears exactly the same every time. This will reinforce your company’s name in the customer’s mind and lend credence to your business as a successful, dependable one.