Top 3 Mistakes Companies Make When Designing Banners

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When it comes to designing a banner to advertise your company, it’s important to get things right. The dimensions of the banner, the content, the imagery and the colour are all critical in making your business stand out from the chasing pack and converting strangers into potential customers.

A poorly-designed banner can cost you dearly. Not only is it likely to be ignored by passers-by, it can even exacerbate matters by damaging your company’s reputation and equating you with shoddy or substandard workmanship. With that in mind, here are the three biggest design mistakes companies make when commissioning a banner.

  • Too much information

So many company owners want to dazzle their target market with facts and figures which prove they are the best in the business… which is all well and good, but when your banner is positioned on a busy walkway or at the side of the road, you’ll only have a few seconds in which to communicate your message.

If there’s too much clutter on the banner, people are not going to be able to digest it all – and they won’t even try. Instead, keep things simple with just a few lines of text. Try to grab attention with a commanding headline which advertises your product or service in one succinct phrase, perhaps outlining why you have an edge over your rivals. Any more is unnecessary in a banner.

  • Over-complicated design

The temptation today is to make your advertising bold and brash to draw eyes and turn heads. While that can be an effective strategy, too much ostentatious design will only annoy. The same goes for too many contrasting colours or intricate patterns. As with the text mentioned above, the best policy is to keep things simple.

This is also true of any imagery you wish to use. Instead of creating a confusing collage or crowding your banner with a cluster of photographs, use one large image to communicate your point. You can supplement this with the inclusion of your company logo where appropriate, but be careful not to make the design too hectic or distracting.

  • Contact!

The number one purpose of a banner is to market your brand to the public and direct them to a place where they can learn more about what you offer. For this reason, including your company website is an absolute must, as people are now more and more accustomed to researching products and services online before they buy.

You may wish to include a phone number as well, which can be helpful but is not as important as your URL. After all, if they log on to check you out online, all other contact information can be provided there. Definitely do not include more than one phone number and one web address, as an overload of information will make you instantly forgettable.

Avoid mistakes – contract the best in the business

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