How Signage Can Make Your Brand Stand Out

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In today’s global market, it’s essential to make your brand stand out from the crowd. There’s simply so much competition in every industry and sector imaginable that in order to persuade consumers to value you with their custom and keep coming back for more, you’ll need to cement the image of your brand in their mind and associate yourself with professionalism, quality and excellent customer service.

The importance of professionally-made signage shouldn’t be underestimated in achieving those goals. Of course, an online presence is important even for brick-and-mortar stores these days – but a physical presence is even more so, since the image you portray in person is more enduring than any marketing campaign or social media post can be. Here are a handful of ways in which signage can make your brand stand out against the competition:

First impressions are final impressions

We’ve all heard the saying before – you never get a second chance to make a first impression. It’s undoubtedly true that the first thing a potential customer or client sees regarding your business will be a difficult idea to shake, so it’s imperative you hit the ground running. A professionally-made sign is the key to doing just that.

Location, location, location

How can a prospective customer come to your store if they don’t know where it is? When you display an external sign advertising your business location for all the world to see, you not only help those who are searching for you to pinpoint their destination, you also get your name out for simple passers-by. This is especially true for those who co-habit an office or building with other enterprises.

location for signage

The power of permanence

It’s one thing taking possession of a domain or URL, it’s quite another putting down roots in a physical location. When a customer sees your business name up in lights on the wall, it’ll subconsciously associate your brand with permanence and stability in their mind. And a brand that you know is sticking around is one you’re more likely to trust.

Non-stop advertising

With most forms of advertising, you have to pay per hour, per week, per month or per click. TV adverts only run for a matter of seconds at a specific time of the day, online banners cost you every time someone clicks on them. Signs, on the other hand, are marketing your business to the outside world 24 hours a day, regardless of whether it’s on the front of your building, on a billboard ten miles away or emblazoned on the side of a vehicle. That’s value for money advertising you simply can’t beat.

Let Afrisign help you

With well over a decade of experience in creating high-quality corporate signage, Afrisign is the premier choice for sign production in Cape Town. What’s more, we can ship the majority of our signs to all four corners of the globe, meaning we can help you regardless of your location or circumstances. To find out more, give us a call on 021 558 8638 or drop us an email at today. We’re waiting to hear from you.